• Hervey Bay Rooftop System

    Location: Queensland, Australia
    System Size: 44 kWp
    Completed: 2010
  • Gerona Hotel Rooftop PV System

    Location: Gerona, Spain
    System Size: 30 kWp
    Completed: 2009
  • Hangzhou Energy and Environment Industrial Park

    Location: Hangzhou, China
    System Size: 2 MWp
    Completed: 09/2009
  • Casabalanca Water Treatment PV Power Station

    Location: Zaragoza, Spain
    System Size: 2.35 MWp
    Completed: 2008
  • Hangzhou Jiangnan Experimental School

    Location: Hangzhou, China
    System Size: 250KWp
    Completed: 2010
  • Wenzhou Medical College

    Location: Wenzhou, China
    System Size: 650KWp
    Completed: 2011
  • Hangzhou East Railway Station PV System

    Location: Hangzhou, China
    System Size: 10MW
    Completed: 2010
  • Arausol Rooftop PV System

    Location: Arausol, Germany
    System Size: 500kWp
    Completed: 2010
  • Butler Plaza PV Project

    Location: Gainesville, FL, USA
    System Size: 2.2MWp
    Completed: 2010
  • Grandl Rooftop PV Project

    Location: Munich, Germany
    System Size: 100kWp
    Completed: 2009
  • Schneider Rooftop PV Project

    Location: Nußdorf, Germany
    System Size: 58kWp
    Completed: 2009
  • Stanglmeier Rooftop PV Project

    Location: Abensberg, Germany
    System Size: 160kWp
    Completed: 2010
  • Shire of Mundaring Rooftop PV Project

    Location: Shire of Mundaring,Australia
    System Size: 16kWp
    Completed: 2011
  • MaxSolar Rooftop PV Plant

    Location: Eggstatt, Germany
    System Size: 1.2MWp
    Completed: 2010
  • Infanta Leonor Rooftop PV Plant

    Location: Madrid, Spain
    System Size: 1.25MWp
    Completed: 2010
  • Changwon SolarLand PV Plant

    Location: Changwon-City, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
    System Size: 2.45 MW
    Completed: 12/2013
  • K-STRUCTURES Rooftop PV Plant

    Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    System Size: 1.1MW
    Completed: 01/2013
  • Sion Steel Project

    Location: Huzhou, China
    System Size: 4.25MW
    Completed: 2012
  • Bienvenu Rooftop PV Plant

    Location: Zone Artisanale “La Pitage” 886410 L’Hommaize, France
    System Size: 397 KW
    Completed: 02/2012
  • Grosdenier Rooftop PV Plant

    Location: Lieu-dit La Choltiere 86800 Terce, France
    System Size: 243 KW
    Completed: 02/2012
  • Modena Project

    Location: Hospital Infanta Leonor, Madrid, Spain
    System Size: 1.25 MW
    Completed: 12/2010
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