A CCTV Focus on Astronergy

HANGZHOU- CCTV Economic Channel’s < China’s Financial Report > aired a feature story on a three-day interview that took place at Astronergy.  After the national release of the <Accelerating the Implementation of Suggestions Regarding Solar Energy Applications in Buildings> segment of “The Golden Sun” program, CCTV focused in on China’s photovoltaic industry.

CCTV aimed, in its feature, to explore the unknowns of solar energy, respond to the people’s concerns about the state of the domestic solar industry, current challenges, future trends and other issues, and promote renewable energy development.

The chairman of the Chint Group, Mr. Cunhui Nan, assessed the implications of the growing photovoltaic industry on China’s economy and on global environmental development.  Why thin film photovoltaics will become an important direction of growth, what technological route will guarantee the sustainable development of solar technology, and when we will reach grid parity were among the pressing issues that Astronergy’s CEO, Dr. Liyou Yang, addressed in his interviews with the reporter.

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