Astronergy Sponsored Beihang University for National Aviation Model Competition

 On Oct 19th, Astronergy was invited to Jiangsu province to witness Beihang University aircraft model team winning the champion of China College Aircraft model contest. This year, Astronergy provided monocrystal solar cells which still can work efficiently under low irradiation condition. After three rounds of contests, aircraft model from Beihang installed cells with Astronergy won the champion.

Students said that their plane took off at 11:00 A.M. when the sun still hid in the cloud. They did not hesitate while other teams were waiting for better weather. The solar plane flew about 15 minutes which was the longest among 30 teams and carried 1.6kg of water which was also the heaviest proving that Astronergy solar cells firmly provided power.
“None of the cell broke up during our training but it happened to other companies’ solar cells. It really saved a time for us because we did not have to deal with problems caused by broken cells.” Students are very thankful to Astronergy’s support. With Astronergy’s strong support, they are able to devote into aircraft designing, daily training and practicing. Beihang team has won 3 champions in this contest in a row all used Astronergy cells.
“Astronergy is happy to see that students really enjoyed the game. It is our duty to create more opportunities for the young to try on new things. Clean energy, compared to tradition fuel-based energy is new yet it has an enormous future. Astronergy hopes youth can join us with growing passion.” Dr. Lu Chuan the CEO of Astronergy said.  

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