Astronergy Provides Solar Modules to Two Projects in Henan Province China

 The first station is located in Shizu village Gushi town Henan Province with a capacity of 351KW. The other station with a capacity of 2.09MW is in the same town but a different village where about 700 households want a solar station. Both of the solar stations are part of the government plan aiming at lifting people’s living standard. The contract was signed early in September and the construction will begin in Oct. 

These two solar stations fall within the category of distribution system. Instead of installing solar modules on the roof, the engineers chose to build solar farm on the ground because the houses there are not strong enough to bear the modules. All the households can share both the electricity and the income. This can be regarded as “united- rooftop” system. It is estimated that the stations can bring 2.5 million to the villagers every year. 
The Chinese government hopes to lift income level for people living in rural area through installing solar systems. The campaign was launched in 2015 and Astronergy has been part of it ever since. 
“Distribution systems have given a chance to those low income families to lift their financial conditions. Astronergy, as a leader in the industry, should also take responsibility of that. Astronergy hopes these families can enjoy happier life with our help.” Dr. Lu Chuan the CEO of Astronergy said.

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