Astronergy Smart Factory: a Highlight in Hangzhou 2016 G20 Summit Propaganda Film

 Astronergy Smart Factory has got 10 seconds in the Hangzhou 2016 G20 Summit Propaganda film. The mechanical arms flashed in the clip catching the eyes of the audience who praised on the comments. It is the first smart factory which can be monitored online, in other words, customers can see the entire production processes on their screen around clock, which enables Astronergy to communicate with clients in a more efficient way.

G20 video has been widely spread over social media achieving more than millions of clicks. It was shot to present Hangzhou’s best to the world. Regarded as the most representative enhanced plant in the city, Astronergy Smart Factory is included to show how far that Chinese manufacturer has gone on the path towards industry 4.0. 
Apart from this Hangzhou smart factory; Astronergy also owns automatic plants in Germany and Haining Zhejiang. To effectively operate these two plants, Astronergy built up information infrastructure which collects data and monitors production process. Astronergy believes that, through data analysis, problems can be identified easier and quicker. 
“Today’s market expects higher quality on our products. We do anything we can to constantly improve. Mechanical equipment replacing labor is a trend that not just is cost effective but also meets clients’ requirements. G20 summit opens up an opportunity for us to communicate with entrepreneurs around world. It is our honor that they chose our factory to represent Hangzhou.” said the CEO of Astronergy Dr. Lu Chuan. 

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