The development of renewable energy has already become an international consensus; it is a means to promote the growing global economy and a new direction for the development of societies. Within the field of renewable energy, the unique advantages of photovoltaic technology and the PV industry are helping to transform the global economic environment.

Since our founding in 2006, we have continuously created value for our partners and our customers, through the production of high-efficiency, clean renewable energy. In 2009, we led mainland China in the manufacture of high-efficiency PV modules, in addition to our exploration in the applications of building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). Utilizing manufacturing execution system (MES) and statistical process control (SPC) for quality management allows us to maintain the highest quality standards. Our large-scale construction efforts include Zhejiang Province’s first 2 MW rooftop solar installation, and a 10 MW large-scale solar power station in Ningxia Autonomous Region, both already connected to the grid.

In order to bring the cost of photovoltaic electricity to lower than $0.7/Wp, we will continue to research and develop industry’s sophisticated technology, more effectively select and use raw materials, and do independent research on the development and integration of manufacturing equipment. In collaboration with fellow subsidiaries of the Chint Group, we seek to develop a line of solar accessories for power generation systems, including system design, system integration and the installation of private systems with integrated service. The comprehensiveness of what we are able to provide gives us a competitive edge in the industry.

During this wave of rapid industrial growth, we plan to bring together the collective wisdom of the Astronergy team, focus on the technological innovation of photovoltaics, promote the development of technological innovations in the PV industry, and transform Astronergy into a world class PV enterprise.

We firmly believe that by working together with the PV industry to make photovoltaics the driving force of thriving economies, we can promote the coming of a new era and empower the world with photovoltaics.

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